Obsession 18″ f/4.2 UC

The 18″ f/4.2 UC (Ultra Compact) is a revolutionary design. It is a large aperture telescope that collapses into a very small package. If you have limited hauling or storage capacity, (like the trunk of a small car) then this is the scope for you.

Our revolutionary Virtual Mirror Box (VMB) is the foundation of the UC design. It is a welded steel framework made from NC laser cut steel. It provides four main functions. It provides the primary mirror cell, the altitude bearings, the connection points for the truss poles, and a retainer for the wheelbarrow handles. To keep it as ultra compact as possible, the side bearing portion is foldable to reduce the height of the VMB by half.

In the transport mode the clearance height is a mere 14 inches. Or place the VMB (Virtual Mirror Box) next to the rocker in your car and reduce the height even more. Now everyone can have a big aperture scope and take it to their dark sky site. This telescope will appeal to those that like the ultimate in form follows function style. Lower eyepiece height means 90% of observing will be done with your feet on the ground. The UC is all black with a modern space frame construction. If your vehicle is small or you intend to put it in the trunk, then the Ultra Compact is the obvious choice. And if you want the ultimate in Dobsonian evolution, the Obsession Ultra Compact 18″ is it.

No compromises. The UC uses the same proven design criteria and materials that made the Classic Obsession so successful and the most copied larger aperture dob on the market. We use the same premium optics from Ostahowski and OMI that we do in our Classic series of telescopes. Diffraction limited and all figured and tested with interferometry. Ion deposition 96% enhance primary coating. Two inch flex free glass. One tenth wave 96% Diamond brite secondary mirror. As with our Classic series, you cannot get better optics at any price anywhere. Ostahowski and OMI are so confident of their quality that they post the serial number and test data for ever mirror they make on their web sites for everyone to review. Nobody else does this.

Compare the Ultra Compact to the Classic Obsession 18 inch. Decide which best serves your observing needs. Both scopes provide stunning views, ease of motion, fast set up and a lifetime of observing enjoyment.